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02/11/2003 Entry: "Danielle's Recent Reads -- Briggs, Marcellas"

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Just finished Patricia Briggs' DRAGON BONES tonight. No romance, but I really enjoyed it and am very interested in the sequel.

Ward was a wonderful character - his emotions were very real, without tipping over into the laboured angst of the "wounded hero" type. And Briggs could teach a lot of authors about pacing; the plot moves along as smoothly as a silk thread, never too fast or slow, and every event (even the big surprise) is inevitable.

In a related rant, I started reading Diana Marcellas' MOTHER OCEAN, DAUGHTER SEA a week ago and haven't gotten past the first four chapters because things were Moving. Much. Too. Slowly for me... and I'm not an impatient reader. Danielle--Danielle

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