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02/09/2003 Entry: "Harris wins major mystery award"

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Charlaine Harris was the surprise winner of a major mystery-genre award at this year's Bouchercon, the mystery world's largest annual gathering.
From January 2003 SF Chronicle--
"The Anthony Award is voted by the members of the convention and the winner for Best Paperback Original Mystery was DEAD UNTIL DARK by Charlaine Harris (Ace). Ms. Harris is an established mystery writer but DEAD UNTIL DARK is a Dark Fantasy novel and was published by Ace Books, a dedicated SF/Fantasy genre imprint. It's the first book in 'The Southern Vampire' series, and naturally, features a vampire as one of the main characters. In fact, the series has been compared to Laurell K. Hamilton's best-selling Anita Blake sequence. Not the usual stuff of mystery popularity."

[For what we thought about DEAD UNTIL DARK ...]

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Bravo! I'm not surprised to see this book win a Mystery Award. The book is packed with so much plot, it defies categorization. It could be horror, mystery, fantasy romance. I'm not sure if I'd compare it to L.K.H. however, I'd say had a lot more humor and not nearly as much sex. Great book, Loved LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS, book 2. Can't wait for book 3, CLUB DEAD.

Posted by Leslie Tramposch @ 02/27/2003 05:33 AM ET

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