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02/08/2003 Entry: "JW's Newest Reads -- Hetley, Czerneda, Hobb"

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I picked up THE SUMMER COUNTRY by James A. Hetley from the library, but didn't finish it. Didn't hate it, just kept losing interest and putting it down. Had the same reaction to A THOUSAND WORDS FOR STRANGER by Julie E. Czerneda, except I think this was the second time I'd tried this book and failed to finish it. I really enjoyed another book by her last year, IN THE COMPANY OF OTHERS, which is why I decided to give it another try. Oh, well ...

I also find myself skimming a a lot. I got through a trilogy by Robin Hobb (SHIP OF MAGIC/MAD SHIP/SHIP OF DESTINY) and found parts really fascinating and others almost without interest (so I skimmed). I completely understand what Preeti means about the Kate Elliott book(s).--JW

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