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02/07/2003 Entry: "Kate Elliott's THE GATHERING STORM (Book 5)"

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Well, I made it to about page 300 (of 864) of Kate Elliott's THE GATHERING STORM reading every word. And then I gave up and began following only those of the multiple story arcs that interested me: Sanglant and Liath's. The strange thing about this series is how absolutely compelling I find Liath and Sanglant to be and how boring and uninteresting everyone else. Unfortunately, everyone else gets lots and lots and lots of pages dedicated to their points of view.

This series is set in a fantasy world inspired by medieval Europe. Sanglant is the bastard son of the king, but becoming a powerful general. Liath is the daughter of a scholar and becoming more strange and powerful as the series progresses.

The two have fallen in love but are separated at the beginning of this book. Sanglant is angry with Liath for abandoning him and their infant daughter, as his own inhuman mother had done to him--but he still longs for her. Liath has been missing for four (five?) years. In the meantime, Liath thought only a week had passed in the ether (aether?) to which she'd been spirited away against her will. I loved the scenes covering Liath's fall from the ether to earth and her all-too-brief reunion scenes with Sanglant. Elliott struck all the right emotional notes with Sanglant. I found his turmoil--his anger and resentment at Liath all mixed up with love and longing--and his reconciliation scenes suspenseful and exhilirating and deeply romantic. In fact, I went back and read them twice.

You know, Sanglant is as good as any romance hero. And now that I think more on it, even Liath isn't that interesting on her own. I think I'm reading this series (or, to be more accurate, a fraction of this series) mostly for Sanglant, with or without Liath. Everything else is just unnecessary padding. --Preeti

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