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01/23/2003 Entry: "Holly Black's TITHE -- thumbs up"

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Holly Black's TITHE: A MODERN FAERIE TALE was a great read! It's a young adult novel, but not innocent at all. Reminiscent of Annette Curtis Klause's BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE or Francesca Lia Block's books or even Emma Bull's WAR FOR THE OAKS.

Sixteen-year-old [...] Kaye finds out there's much more to the faerie world than her little woods-dwelling friends when she stumbles upon an ambushed faerie knight and saves his life. The beautiful and fascinating Roiben is a member of the Unseelie court, a deadly agent of its queen. Kaye learns this too late, though; she's drawn to him. Although Kaye and Roiben are on different sides, they're caught in a power struggle between the Seelie and Unseelie courts that endangers them both.

This book had all the flash I could hope for. It was exciting and fast-paced and edgy and sexy. And short! I was surprised at what a quick read TITHE was, and wouldn't have minded a story that was more fleshed out. The story took place over only a week or so, which always casts doubt on the strength of romantic bonds formed, doesn't it? But I don't care. Holly Black creates as strong a glamour as any character in TITHE--Roebin had that dangerous, cynical, hero-despite-himself appeal that dazzles. And Kaye was revealed to be a young woman of unexpected strength and nobility. And the supporting cast was multi-dimensional. I want more!--Preeti

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