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01/09/2003 Entry: "DRAGON BLOOD by Patricia Briggs--Preeti's Comments"

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I finally read a Patricia Briggs novel all the way through! I know many of you are big fans, but I've always found it easy to leave her books perpetually bookmarked after reading only a few chapters. Not so with DRAGON BLOOD. Barbara, I think you and I are on the same wavelength about this book.[...]

The book is really growing on me upon reflection. I liked the characters' emotional sophistication and their interaction with each other, as well as the message of hope, endurance, and resilience in the face of physical and emotional pain. I also appreciated the tight plot and flashes of wry humor. The worldbuilding, however, didn't blow me away (i.e.-I wasn't left wanting to know more.)

In the future, I'm going to hide the bookmarks when reading a Patricia Briggs book. Otherwise, I suspect I'll be missing a very good story.--Preeti


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