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12/31/2002 Entry: "Bujold's PALADIN OF SOULS at Amazon.co.uk"

Amazon.co.uk is listing PALADIN OF SOULS, the sequel to Lois McMaser Bujold's THE CURSE OF CHALION, for release on October 20, 2003, in the U.K. I wonder if there'll be simultaneous publication in the U.S.? I know many of you hang out on various Bujold-related forums...what's the answer on U.S. publication? Is the title the same?

Synopsis of PALADIN OF SOULS at Amazon.co.uk:

Lois McMaster Bujold has won the Hugo award four times, and the Nebula award twice. This is her second epic fantasy and the sequel to Curse of Chalion. The Golden General's curse has been lifted from the royal family and Cazaril can now rest easy and enjoy his new life with his bride Betriz. However, life for Ista, the Dowager Royina has not improved. With the death of her mother, the Provincara, and with her surviving child Iselle now ruling Chalion from the Capital Cardegross, she is left without purpose. Her brother's family still think she's mad and aim to keep her locked up safely to avoid embarrasment, but she craves freedom and escape and begins to plan how this may become reality.

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According to Lois, the title and release date are the same for U.S. publication.

Posted by Katherine @ 01/06/2003 11:52 PM ET

"The Curse of Chalion" is an astounding work and a total delight. I had almost given up on the fantasy genre, which over the last several years has become so derivative and predictable that it's boring, especially if it's poorly written as so many of them are. You have your basic Tolkienesque hero and assorted companions on a grand quest to save the empire, the world, etc, etc, etc. When I started reading *this* book, however, it was new and fresh and completely unlike anything I'd read before. Bujold grabbed me from the opening page and kept a tight hold all the way to the end. I had no idea what was going to happen next, and for me, being such a voracious reader, that is extremely rare and very welcome. If you're looking for a fantasy that is truly different, "The Curse of Chalion" has my highest recommendation.

Posted by Ruth Stout @ 01/17/2003 05:50 PM ET

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