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12/30/2002 Entry: "S.D. Tower's THE ASSASSINS OF TAMURIN"

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THE ASSASSINS OF TAMURIN, by S.D. Tower, is a fantasy novel set in a world much inspired--if I remember a class I took years ago correctly--by historical China. It's the story of one girl's rise from a life of poverty, and her transition to a life of self-determination. It was an interesting and readable book, although it didn't engage me as powerfully as I'd expected.[...]

Half the book is Lale growing up. The rest is Lale being sent out in the world as the Despotana's agent, embarking on a career, being asked to seduce a charismatic leader with aspirations of reunifying and ruling the Empire, and dealing with the ramifications of falling for him.

Although this sounds like it should be really exciting story, it never quite reached the highs and lows I'd expected. The worldbuilding was my favorite part, but, surprisingly, the heroine was probably my least favorite element. She wasn't quite charismatic or empathetic enough to have me rooting for her. Still, I'd definitely try S.D. Tower (apparently a pseudonym for a writing team who've previously written espionage novels under another name) again. And, for you series-haters, this seems like a stand-alone novel.--Preeti [more...]

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