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12/25/2002 Entry: "New cover for LKH's CERULEAN SINS"

‹--- New cover; click to see larger version at Amazon.com

Old cover ---›

I was browsing Amazon.com when I noticed that Laurell K. Hamilton's next Anita Blake novel, CERULEAN SINS, has a new cover. The stiletto-heeled shoe and tattooed ankle seem more evocative and provocative than the orchid (or iris?) with the silver spider. Which do you prefer?

P.S.-I wonder if my cover flat for the earlier version is now a collectible item?? Read the cover blurb from CERULEAN SINS' original dustjacket.

Replies: 2 Comments

I prefer the new cover. Very original and never saw a cover like it. The other one did absolutely nothing for me.

Posted by Linda @ 12/26/2002 12:04 PM ET

Well, it's certainly better than the UK cover. The blurb on the UK cover is also _very_ different:

When Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, is asked to reanimate the body of a long-dead corpse, it seems like just another average case. But the corpse may hold the secret to an ancient crime that not everyone wants to be remembered....

Now an unknown and terrifying menace moves to stop her investigation. Anita must employ all her deadly skill if she is to find the answers she needs and strike her enemies down.

But first she must survive....

That sure doesn't sound like the same book. :-)

Posted by Katherine @ 01/06/2003 07:48 PM ET

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