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11/12/2002 Entry: "World Fantasy Convention"

I just got back from the World Fantasy Convention, held this year in Minneapolis. It is a unique convention, with a higher ratio of literary pros (writers, artists, editors, agents, publishers, etc) to fans than I have ever seen. Everyone was very relaxed and programming small and intimate. I hung out quite a bit with Nina Kiriki Hoffman, who is a total doll. Charles de Lint turns out to be a wonderful song-writer and guitar-player too. Some stellar panels, such as "Creating God" (religion in writing), "Short Story Rock" (the short fiction ghetto), and the raucous "The Young-Adult Novel Grows Up". I also spent a lot of time talking to other newbie writers. More than worth the cold weather!

If are interested in a a blow-by-blow report, go to my topic on the Rumormill writer's community.

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