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10/27/2002 Entry: ""Irresistible Forces" Anthology Delayed"

Catherine Asaro, editor of the highly anticipated romantic science fiction anthology IRRESISTIBLE FORCES, recently posted the following in her newsgroup at SFF.net:

One piece of news on a current anthology. The publisher for =Irrisistible Forces= is excited about it and thinks this antho has the potential to be a Big Book. They are talking about giving it the kind of push that New York Times bestsllers get (!!). Of course we are all thrilled with this. The only drawback is that they want more time to set up the promotion, which means ... the anthology is going to be delayed. They want to release it at Valentine's Day, so we are talking February 2004. It is a disappointment that it will be delayed, but with a reason this good, it is hard to be too disappointed.

Major bummer. But, you know, there're supposed to be a series of romance/sf cross-over anthologies from Harlequin, too. One of them, CHARMED DESTINIES, has stories by Mercedes Lackey, Catherine Asaro, and Rachel Lee. Another (darker fantasy one) is supposed to have stories by Tanith Lee, Susan Krinard and ???. I wonder what the release dates on these are. Anyone know?

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Well, someone said on a newsgroup that the release date for Charmed Destinies was around Sept. '03. But it's not official info, so....who knows?

Waiting an extra year for Irresistible Forces is going to be painful. *sigh* I want to read the story of Miles Vorkosigan's wedding!

Posted by Sephie @ 12/06/2002 07:17 PM ET

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