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10/23/2002 Entry: "Anne Bishop's THE PILLARS OF THE WORLD"

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Ari, the heroine, is the last witch in her family. She and her family had guarded and taken care of the land she lives on for years. But now it's not safe to be a witch. Songs are being sung that make witches look evil and an inquisition is hunting, torturing, and killing them. The Fae are also in peril. The roads connecting the Fae to the mortal world are slowly closing and they have to find out why.

I moderately recommend this book. This is my first Bishop book -- and I don't know if some of it was the expectations after hearing so many raves about her previous books -- but I found this a slow starter and had no trouble frequently putting it down...--Linda

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It does start slow, but once it got going, I couldn't put it down. The second book in the series just came out and it's starting much faster.

Also, if you want more action and suspense, try her other series, The Blood Jewels. It's very intense, a bit dark, and keeps going.

Posted by Kari @ 10/25/2002 01:47 AM ET

I rather enjoyed the series because of the "Witch's Hammer" and the conflict of the wiccanfae. This book created the beginnings of character developments for the Fae and the second in the series helped to flesh out even more. I could see the problems brought to Ari and how she dealt with them. I can see how she would be the way she is. I also loved the way it's building up to eventually have a showdown. Another thing is the humor in the series is more wit than crude. Always a plus with me. Like her Blood Jewels trilogy, I'm intrigued to see what happens.

Posted by Jesi @ 11/28/2002 09:28 PM ET

i actually loved the book. it did start slow, and i had to start re-reading it a few times before i actually started reading it, but it was worth it. my favorite books are the black jewel trilogy, by the same author. those books are great. ive lent them out numerous times, and everyone who's read them has bought their own copy. i recently purchased treachery and treason, because of the one anne bishop story, and was delightfully surprised at how marvelous it was. anne bishop is a great author, and i hope everyone reads most if not all of her stories

Posted by holly @ 12/03/2002 09:24 PM ET

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