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10/21/2002 Entry: "Annette Curtis Klause's next book"

I went to local author Annette Curtis Klause's reading from her next book at a local sf convention. It is set in 1899. A boy raised in a circus among the "freaks" has a vision of an exotic woman in a faraway place...and I'm already forgetting everything else in the first two chapters. Except the really great description of circus life.

In any case, Klause said if she finished the book by the end of the year, we might see it in bookstores in Fall 2003.

I also read Klause's THE SILVER KISS again. This one's a short vampire novel about a teenager dealing with death and loss. She encounters a vampire and gets involved in his quest to avenge a murder. It's not a romantically happy ending...more like one of those sad yet uplifting ones that stay with you for a long time. Check THE SILVER KISS out at Amazon.

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