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10/13/2002 Entry: "From the October 2002 Locus"

-Catherine Asaro sold SUNRISE ALLEY to Baen.
-Carol Berg sold new fantasy "Avonar" trilogy to Roc.
-David Weber & Eric Flint sold a new "Honor Harrington" book to Baen.
-Wen Spencer delivered third "Ukiah Oregon" novel BITTER WATERS to Roc.
-- From Locus

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Co-authoring a Honor Harrington? Is nothing sacred?

Posted by Rebekah @ 10/13/2002 01:18 PM ET

Heh. Well, but how else can Weber turn out books fast enough to satisfy the rabid cravings of...mmm...*points to self* And Eric Flint's already written a pretty good HH story, in one of the anthologies, so I have high hopes of the collaboration. Which is basically a sequel to that earlier story, BTW...it's going to be called "Crown of Slaves."

Posted by Sephie @ 10/14/2002 04:23 AM ET

Interesting ... I'll have to go back and remind myself which story that is. Flint is part of the rediscovery of James Schmitz, so he must not be too bad of a guy. ;)

Posted by Rebekah @ 10/19/2002 11:56 PM ET

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