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09/29/2002 Entry: "Susan Sizemore's DECEPTIONS--recommended"

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I highly recommend this one too! The heroine, Olympias, is the enforcer of Washington D.C. and the toughest vampire we've met yet. She's 2000 years old and the mother of Alexander the Great. She can be very tough--cold and scary at times--but I'm getting used to that with these books. It's actually a more realistic portrayal to me of what a vampire would really be like. But then you get the signs of softness once in a while. That she has avoided taking another companion because she can't bear it when they become vampires and leave and start new lives without her.

The hero is ex-military and pretty tough, too. And also very pyschic. He's head of a group of psychics that are experimenting with astral projection. Which leads to some interesting things.

Olympias is overextended and is assisted by her secretary/slave/companion wannabe, Sara. Having too many pans in the fire has led to a weakness that the enemy is exploiting by creating a conspiracy to destroy Olympias.

A neat thing about this book is that you get a secondary romance that involves one of the nicest vampires I've evermet (or ever will meet) in one of Sizemore's books. Not to say that it ever gets sappy. Oh and Olympias has her hellhound to give her companionship and some surprises. I'm already wondering what she has in store next!!--Linda

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