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09/08/2002 Entry: "SUMMER KNIGHT- Jim Butcher (Book 4 of The Dresden Files)"

<-- Check it out at Amazon (it's not a series we've kept track of in our database).

Harry Dresden, professional wizard, has been in a bad state, desperately trying to find a cure for the woman he loves. But he's not left alone long, as catastrophies seem to follow him...or is it bad luck? Between having the white council of wizards in town to judge him, vampire assassins trying to kill him, becoming in debt to Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, trying to find a killer, and save the world, he has his hands full!! I highly recommend this book. While the romance is momentarily on hold, the action is nonstop....with lots of creatures (seelie and unseelie) , a fantastic plot and, of course, Harry's brand of humor. Loved every minute of it!!!--Linda

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I loved this book! Harry Desden novels has taken Anita Blake's place as the best fantasy detective series in print!

Posted by Rodney @ 09/08/2002 10:51 AM ET

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