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09/07/2002 Entry: "Sharon Shinn's ANGELICA--cover blurb"

This is the dust jacket copy...

Sharon Shinn returns to the planet called Samaria, with a new tale of an earlier time...

Legend has it that the original settlers of Samaria were carried there by the loving hands of the god Jovah. To keep the peace, he created a legion of land-dwelling angels, led by an appointed Archangel. Now, two hundred years later, Jovah's latest appointee is the Archangel Gaaron, whose dependability and allegiance to the people of Samaria make him a wise choice. And for Gaaron's life-mate, his Angelica, Jovah has chosen the woman Susannah, of the nomadic Edori tribe.

With trepidation, Susannah bows to the will of Jovah. For her heart is still with her people and her Edori lover, faithless though he might be.

In the lofty reaches of the Angel Eyrie, an unspoken affection slowly develops between the two. Then word comes to Gaaron of a terrible threat besetting the land--black-clad strangers who call fire down from the sky, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Now what is in the heart of Archangel and Angelica may never be known, as the very future of the planet hangs in the balance...

See our comments on the Samaria novels, including ANGELICA:

Considering that ARCHANGEL made our list of top 10 romantic SF novels, I am very excited about this forthcoming book.

P.S.-Another striking John Jude Palencar cover for Shinn. The editor said that they deliberately used other artists for her non-Samaria books in order to make the Samaria books have a unified and easily identified look.

P.P.S.-Her first novel, THE SHAPECHANGER'S WIFE, looks to be republished in trade paperback.

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Yay! *does happy dance* I loved the first three books of this series and I'm so glad she's back to do another one. The whole twist with Jovah and the "racial" tensions between the people of Samaria are fantastic to read about. My only wish is that she'd go back to some of her old characters because I get attached to them and I don't want to see their stories end! *pitches a tent at her local bookstore and camps out so she can buy it as soon as it hits the shelf*

Posted by Delilah @ 09/23/2002 07:26 PM ET

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