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08/30/2002 Entry: "Con Jose Day 2"

Yaaaay! I scored a free copy of Susan Sizemore's forthcoming LAWS OF THE BLOOD: DECEPTIONS [<-- link to Amazon], courtesy of a raffle at Ace's forthcoming books panel. I also grabbed a bunch of cover flats. Once I scan them in, I'll add the art to the forthcoming books page. Patricia Briggs' DRAGON BLOOD has a cover as striking as that of her DRAGON BONES. Sharon Shinn's ANGELICA cover is gorgeous--I want to read the book now instead of months from now!

Any fans of Lisa Goldstein? I adored her SUMMER KING, WINTER FOOL. At an autographing session today she said her next books will be published under a pseudonym for Tor publishing. She wouldn't divulge the new name, though. Let's see...if her new book just came out, then perhaps in about a year we can begin guessing which "new" Tor author might be Lisa Goldstein. :-)

See our comments on earlier Susan Sizemore earlier books in the Laws of the Blood series:

The only book of Lisa Goldstein that we have in our database is STRANGE DEVICES OF THE SUN AND MOON. I love SUMMER KING, WINTER FOOL, but it just misses having the wonderful romance clinched at the end. (That same sort of open-endedness has stopped us from adding Tanith Lee's THE SILVER METAL LOVER to our database. [I had to double check on that, because I know I've had thoughts about sneaking it into the database more than once.] Maybe the sequel, METALLIC LOVE, that Lee talks about on her web site will have a resolution to the love story one way or the other. You know what ending this camp is hoping for.)

Enough meandering...I have to get started on Day 3 instead of dithering with Day 2.

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Today, I got to hear Lois Bujold read the first and third chapter of her next book, a sequel to Curse of Chalion. It's Ista's story and the snippets she read were trademark Bujold -- serious with touches of humor. We all wanted more NOW. She's says she's still got 2-4 chapters to write and hopes to have it completed in a month. It's scheduled for publication in late 2003.

I also have a new must-buy author - Terry Pratchett. He is thoroughly entertaining and personable -- as amusing in person as his books. I listened to Hogfather on the drive up to San Jose and was completely hooked.

This is my first Con, but definitely not my last! I'm hooked. The people have been unfailingly helpful and pleasant. The organizers have done a great jo b and I can't even imagine how many hours have gone into it.


Posted by Ita @ 08/30/2002 11:58 PM ET

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