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08/30/2002 Entry: "ConJose, Day 1"

Several of the RomanticSF group are at ConJose, the Worldcon in San Jose that started today. Highlights included actually meeting each other in person, the wallet-draining dealer's room, and figuring out how to use the Voodoo Message Board. Some panels that we attended were:
"Venus Rearmed: How Dangerous Have New Genre Heroines Become?",
"Two Married Authors, Who Does the Dishes?" (with Sharon Lee and Steve Miller),
the very excellent "Women in Combat: Fact vs. Fiction",
"Force Fields" and
"Legal Issues Affecting Authors."
Tomorrow looks like it's going to have a ton of good programming, including a special appearance by Patrick Stewart (of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame).

I have been involved in working behind the scenes for the con since May, so it's great to see it finally coming together!

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