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08/12/2002 Entry: "NAVOHAR by Hilari Bell"

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I discovered a good SF book I'd never heard of before at the used book store -- NAVOHAR by Hilari Bell. It has a little bit of romance, though probably not enough to qualify for SFR. I don't have the book in front of me, but basically, there's a search among the far flung "lost" colonies of Earth in hopes of finding a cure for a genetic "plague". Most of the colonies have failed, with no living survivors, and on the one planet where humans survived, there appears to be an intriguing mystery that may or may not lead to the answer to Earth's problems ...

This is the kind of sf I like, combining interesting ideas with character oriented stories. The heroine has a very personal motivation to her search and her growing respect and sense of connection to the colonists put her in conflict with herself and her mission. Good stuff.

Looking for anything else by Bell, I found two YA titles, and got the audiobook of one (SONGS OF POWER) from the library. No romance whatsoever, but a good story and interesting character.


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