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08/12/2002 Entry: "Short takes by JW"

I also picked up a copy of PARADISE ISLAND by Gena Hale (aka S.L. Viehl), but this one didn't make the 50 page test for me (just couldn't
get interested).

Then I tried DRAGONSHADOW by Barbara Hambly (I'd been saving it until the trilogy was finished -- I'd read and enjoyed the prequel
DRAGONSBANE), but couldn't really get into it. That one I'll try again later, since Hambly is usually a favorite, and I'm not sure what the problem was. I think it's because it was focused on the action and not the characters.

And I finally got around to ONCE A PIRATE by Susan Grant, which I liked surprisingly well considering I hate (hate, hate, hate) pirate stories.
(Pirates are right up there with sheiks in terms of most overused -- and poorly used -- romance cliches.) Since it was a time travel story, I guess it qualifies for SFR, right? :-)


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