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08/10/2002 Entry: "August Locus News"

Books sold:
Tanya Huff sold three untitled books in a new "Blood" spinoff series to DAW, which will be Huff's first hardcovers. (Some of us found this Really Exciting News. :-) )

Books delivered:
Kristine Kathryn Rusch delivered EXTREMES, sequel to THE DISAPPEARED to Roc.
Kate Elliott turned in THE GATHERING STORM, book five of “Crown of Stars” to DAW.
Dawn Cook delivered FORGOTTEN TRUTH to Ace.
Kristen Britain turned in FIRST RIDER'S CALL, book two of “Green Rider” to DAW.
Carol Berg delivered SONG OF THE BEAST to Roc.
Lisanne Norman delivered BETWEEN DARKNESS AND LIGHT, book seven of “Sholan Alliance” to DAW. (Wasn’t this supposed to have been published months ago?)
Freda Warrington turned in THE COURT OF THE MIDNIGHT KING - "Richard III with a fantasy edge" – to Earthlight Press.
P. C. Hodgell turned in collection BLOOD AND IVORY: A TAPESTRY, with four new and four older stories to Meisha Merlin. (I already have my preorder in!)
Catherine Asaro delivered SF/romance anthology IRRESISTIBLE FORCES to Roc.

Other news:
Diana Wynne Jones underwent surgery in June to remove a non-malignant tumor.
Louise Cooper, for her 50th birthday, formed a band and played a gig at the local hostelry in Cornwall. Oh, and she delivered YA supernatural horror HUNTER'S MOON. And will write a 40th anniversary "Doctor Who" novella. (There's panache!)

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