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08/08/2002 Entry: "Duel Duology--The Next Generation"

Edith found this short story titled "Beauty" on author Sherwood Smith's web site--perhaps the same one as in the new version of CROWN DUEL?--about the daughter of the couple featured in CROWN and COURT.


"I really enjoyed it and wanted more. Hope she turns it into a book."--Edith.

Me? I agree.

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No, the short story in the new version of CROWN DUEL is not the same story. Knowing there was an extra short story in the new version made me by it. Both are good stories!

Posted by Ita @ 08/08/2002 10:54 PM ET

I wasn't going to get the new book since I already had the two original hardcovers. No choice, now, though--the completist in me won't allow it. Thanks for the heads up, Ita.

Posted by Preeti @ 08/10/2002 12:18 PM ET

Unfortunately, this link doesn't work anymore:


Sherwood said she had to remove it for contract reasons. Darn! It was such a great story.

Posted by Ita @ 09/03/2002 10:45 PM ET

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