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08/07/2002 Entry: "Short Takes by Edith"

LOST IN A GOOD BOOK by Jasper Fforde - lots of fun, but no romance, and it ends "to be continued". I generally hate books like that, but this series is one of those where I wouldn't need to reread the previous books before reading the next, so I didn't mind. There were some really great, funny scenes in the book.

I tried to read all the Hugo nominees before July 31 so's I could vote but I didn't make it, sigh. Planned to take a couple of vacation days, but just couldn't do it.

CHRONOLITHS by Robert Charles Wilson. I'm almost finished with it and can recommend it. It starts in 2041 when a huge indestructible monument just appears in Thailand. It commemorates a victory -- 20 years in the future. Over time, more chronoliths appear, all commemorating victories 20 years in the future. They wreak havoc where they appear and cause much social turmoil.

PERDIDO STREET STATION by China Mièville. Mièville creates a fascinating, dark world, peopled with lots of interesting alien creatures, but something in his writing just drives me crazy. I reread the same paragraphs over and over and in the middle I fall asleep, wake up and read again. Very time-consuming. I don't know if it's him or me. I'm going to give this another try when I've read the other books.

Next up is COSMONAUT KEEP.--Edith

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