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07/14/2002 Entry: "From the July 2002 LOCUS"

Mercedes Lackey sold the first two novels in a new fantasy series, based on forthcoming novella "Joust", to DAW.

Judith Tarr will write two historical fantasies about William the Conquerer for Roc.

Kristen Britain sold two new "Rider" novels to DAW.

Dawn Cook sold fantasy novels FORGOTTEN TRUTH and FOUND TRUTH to Ace.

Wen Spencer sold SF novel TINKER and a second untitled book to Baen.

Nancy A. Collins sold novelette ABSALOM'S WAKE, "a weird whaling adventure", to Biting Dog Press, to be published as a limited edition. She also delivered Sonja Blue novel DARKEST HEART to White Wolf.

Julie E. Czerneda will edit ODYSSEY, the fourth volume in YA SF anthology series Tales from the Wonder Zone, for Trifolium Books.

--From Locus

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