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07/10/2002 Entry: "Doris Egan/ Jane Emerson"

From Doris Egan at sff.net
Date: 1997?
"I'm afraid that at the moment there are no plans for another 'Ivory' novel... The numbers weren't as good as we'd hoped on the last book, and by now I have two more 'City' books on the burner, along with a number of other things -- an Irish vampire with amnesia, a Napoleonic spy in an imaginary country, and other projects that fascinate me but mean nothing to you at this stage. Yes, as you've gathered, I am working on a sequel to CITY OF DIAMOND. Tal is going to learn some things about being human he would rather not have had to deal with, and Hart has some layers you haven't seen yet. And we finally get exposed to Keylinn's sense of humor at its most dangerous."
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