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07/10/2002 Entry: "Maggy Thomas / Emily Devenport"

The author, Maggy Thomas , May 20, 2000: Maggy Thomas is also Emily Devenport Maggy Thomas and Emily Devenport are both pseudonyms -- I hope readers who enjoy my books under one name or the other will look for both now. Some day I may sell books under my real name, and then things will get REALLY confusing . . .
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She is also known as Lee Hogan/ Emily Hogan and Emily Devenport Hogan - and has written books under these names also.

Check out her latest book Belarus(under the Pseudonym Lee Hogan) - although her research has been questioned, it is actually a pretty good book.


Posted by Kindred @ 08/04/2002 04:56 PM ET

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