No More Alpha Werewolves


Kitty and the Midnight HourWhile working as a DJ on the night shift Kitty gets involved in a discussion of the paranormal. Next thing she knows, she’s dispensing advice to werewolves, vampires, etc. Life gets complicated after the local master vampire insists that she stop the show, an assassin comes after her, rumours start that she is a werewolf, some mangled, probably by a wolf, bodies start turning up, and she finds herself defying her werewolf pack leader. I enjoyed the idea of an “advice for the undead” talkback show, and the assassin was great, but my interest began to wane when the obligatory master vampire showed up, diminished further when the killings started, and vanished entirely when Kitty started having problems with her pack. I’m sick of werewolves and their pack politics and their disputes with vampires.–Margaret


MOON CALLED by Patricia BriggsMoon Called

I put this down after a couple of chapters and have no wish whatsoever to pick it up again. With my aversion to werewolf plots I should never have bought it, but I do enjoy Briggs. However, even she couldn’t make me want to read about them. Did I mention I’m sick of werewolves? If I never meet another alpha werewolf again it will be too soon!! Also, I feel rather disappointed in what I see as Briggs taking up the “genre of the month,” though I’m sure I would have forgiven her if it was a genre I enjoyed. :-) –Margaret


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  1. Agreed! I have some issues with this being marketed as romance in any fashion, since it really lacked anything even remotely related to the genre. It was pure furry sff.
    We are PSYCHED to see you guys back up and active. Big fans. :)

  2. I think the pack politics in Kitty and the Midnight Hour are quite different than in other books of this kind that I’ve read. Usually we are seeing pack politics from the point of view of an outsider or someone who at least has a fighting chance in the pack. Kitty is pretty much at the bottom of the heap strength wise so she often has to think her way out of situations instead of fighting her way out. I find that really refreshing in a genre full of invincible heroines.

    I do have to agree with you that Moon Called doesn’t offer a whole lot of innovation in the genre. Still, it’s one of the better written books of its kind so I’ll be continuing with the series. I like that the heroine is an auto mechanic and the love triangle is actually interesting. I’m also starting to feel werewolf fatigue so, even though I love this genre, this series will probably be the last werewolf series I start for a while.

  3. I loved both books. I like how the heroine in the Kitty books overcomes her fears to do the right thing.

    So far I have enjoyed everything that Briggs has ever written. I loved Moon Called.I am looking forward to the next book.

    I really haven’t read a lot of werewolf series. I am reading Kelly Armstrong Other Women series, which is fantastic.

  4. I liked Moon Called a lot, but like flip58, I don’t usually read books about werewolves; the only reason I picked this one up is that it’s by Briggs. :)

  5. I liked Kitty and the Midnight Hour more than I expected and I liked Moon Called as much as I’d hoped. I think Dana said it well that Moon Called may not be so original, but it’s definitely one of the best written. I’m not at all tired of werewolf books, though. I might say why buy a book if you know you don’t like the subject matter, but I understand the lure of a favorite author. I don’t really feel like I’ve read that many werewolf books (now vampire, that’s a whole different matter), but I suppose that it’s true that all I have read depict werewolves pretty much the same – politics, sex, enjoyment of being. It’s a bit same ol’, same ol’.

  6. I loved both these books. I never thought they’d ever been marketed towards romance, though. There’s no hint of romance to either book, and the spines are both clearly marked “fantasy”.

    I liked that Kitty was different from all the other werewolf novels I’ve read. Same with Briggs’ book.

  7. Like Dana, I liked Moon Call, and that the heroine is an auto mechanic and the love triangle is actually interesting.

    I also liked the talkshow aspect of Kitty and the Midnight Hour, but got really irritated at the pack politics, and how often Kitty really was just a wimp – pack hierarchy be-damned – I wanted a strong heroine darn it! :-)

    Because of this, Moon Call is my favourite out of the two, the story is much stronger, the romance more believable – and in the end, the tough girl won out.

  8. I picked up and read Moon Called first because it was by Briggs and reminded me of Wen Spencer’s Tinker but after reading the reviews saying that Kitty and the Midnight Hour was better I hurried out to pick it up.

    But now I’m going to have to disagree. Moon Called was much better because it was a different type of character, one on the fringes of the werewolves’ pack politics. I agree with Sam that Kitty was too much of a wimp, but maybe we will see some more strength in the character with the next book, Kitty Goes to Washington.

  9. Kitty and…

    A friend pinged me about this series and I’ve been umming and aahing about getting it. Fortunately, I quite like were stories and if there is a little bit of humour thrown in all the better.

    Not sure if it’s anything like Keri Arthur’s Riley Jenson Guardian series, which is.. you guessed it.. wolves! Oh and vampires and cross-breeds.

    Once that’s been devoured, guess I’ll decide on the Kitty series.

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