Judith Merkle Riley’s New (Sort-of) Book

The Water DevilUnder the long time coming category is news that Judith Merkle Riley’s THE WATER DEVIL, the third book in her Margaret of Ashbury series, will finally be released in English! I seem to recall the first two books in the series, A VISION OF LIGHT and IN PURSUIT OF THE GREEN LION, were fairly self-contained, but still it was maddening to know a third book existed yet was completely inaccessible unless you could read German.

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Additionally, here are the books and/or cover art I’ve added to the forthcoming books page this weekend. Clicking on the covers will take you to Amazon.

Spirit Gate New Moon Spellbinder
Spirit Gate
Kate Elliott
New Moon
Stephanie Meyer
Melanie Rawn
Cursor's Fury A Confederation of Valor The Scent of Shadows
Cursor’s Fury
Jim Butcher
A Confederation of Valor
Tanya Huff
The Scent of Shadows
Vicki Pettersson

14 thoughts on “Judith Merkle Riley’s New (Sort-of) Book”

  1. Clicking on the cover for The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Pettersson takes you to the Amazon page for Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair.

  2. According to what I can see on the cover, A Confederation of Valor by Tanya Huff is a reprint of her first two novels in the Valor series, Valor’s Choice and The Better Part of Valor, combined. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to learn this. Hopefully Valor’s Trail will be a new offering.

  3. Hah, I obviously had only glanced at the cover of the forthcoming Huff. Thanks for pointing out that it’s an omnibus edition, Mary. Do you have a source for the title of the next Valor book? I can’t find anything at Amazon.

  4. Hi Preeti,

    IIRC, I got the info for the next book’s title, here. But I’ll go look to be sure. Yep, I was right. That info is the first bullet point in the blog under this one. In my post I had the title as Trail. Fumble fingers on my part. It’s Trial. Sorry about that.

    “Tanya Huff’s VALOR’S TRIAL, fourth in her Confederation military series, went to Sheila Gilbert at DAW via Joshua Blimes”

    I kind of had a ‘Huhn???’ moment when I read this was the fourth book in the Valor series. I couldn’t remember there ever being a third book. The only way I can see it being a ‘fourth’ is by having the third be the ten page story in Women of War. If not, I’d sure like to get my hands on the supposed third book.

  5. Hahahahaha–well, that certainly tickled my sense of the absurd! I just double-checked my prior post against its source, Locus, and the magazine does indeed indicate VALOR’S TRIAL as book 4. But maybe the editor of those pages made an assumption similiar to mine about A CONFEDERATION OF VALOR?

    A Google search shows that Huff herself refers to VALOR’S TRIAL as the third book in the series in an interview at SFRevu dated June 2006. According to Huff:

    I’m currently working on the third of the Valor books, Valor’s Trial. Staff Sergeant Kerr has been promoted to Gunnery Sergeant and ends up accompanying a platoon of recruits on a training mission where things, of course, go very wrong.

  6. Excellent. I can’t wait for the third one. Thanks for clearing that up and another thanks for the link.

  7. I asked Tanya Huff about “Confederation” on her blog ( on LiveJournal, with the all too appropriate user-name “andpuff” ), and she replied:

    Confederacy is not the new book, it’s a hardcover omnibus of Valor’s Choice and Better Part of Valor. Since books three and four are coming out in hardcover, DAW thought it would be a good idea to make the first two available in the same format so those people who like to have their books match wouldn’t have to wait and wait and wait for book three in paperback.

    Sorry we got your hopes up.

    However, she did say that she was committed to two more “Valor” books, of which “Trial” is presumably one. The “Smoke” series about Tony, however, were not selling well enough to garner enough interest in continuing that one, which is somewhat more in keeping with the theme of this particular website. ( At least I don’t remember that much romantic content in the first two “Valor” books, though I haven’t re-read them since the second one came out — too many books, too little time. )

  8. Thanks for the info, Jaru. I think character-driven military SF/space opera plays very well with us regardless of actual romance content, especially if written by a woman or starring a woman.

  9. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I can overlook the confusion with the omnibus for a new Valor book. I can ‘forget it even happened!’ for two!
    Doin’ the Happy Dance

  10. I second the commenter’s opinion of Twilight. I can’t wait for New Moon although the hero is apparently away for alot of the book. Twilight’s hero and heroine were very strongly written and parts of it were at once humourous and touching. A must read.

  11. You know, it’s the kind of passion that you guys variously display for the Valor books and TWILIGHT that makes me actually want to read them instead of merely having them ornament the TBR pile. Thanks!

  12. I especially like the “A Confederation of Valor” cover here. Sci-fi and Fantasy book covers were actually the reason that got me into art in the first place – not reading them.

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