Best Space Opera in a Long Time

Karin Lowachee’s Trilogy: WARCHILD, BURNDIVE, and CAGEBIRD

WarchildI haven’t read any science fiction romance (SFR) lately, but I did read Karin Lowachee’s series (WARCHILD, BURNDIVE and CAGEBIRD) and just loved them. They’re the best space opera I’ve come across in a long time, nicely layered and nuanced, with great emphasis on the characters and an interesting use of point-of-view in all three. Lowachee is a compelling writer. I tried to see if she is working on a new one in the same universe, but her website is not helpful. Anyone got the info?–Suzanne


I’ve read the first two. I really liked the first. Completely engrossing. The second wasn’t as easy to like because the main character is a spoiled rich kid. Part of you wants to tell him to just “get over it.” But it was very well written and it was very interesting to see part of the events of book one from another POV. These books were good enough that I bought new copies, doing my support-the-new-author thing.

I’ve enjoyed reading many Campbell Award nominees. On the whole, I find many of them more engrossing and appealing than Hugo winners and nominees.–Edith


I had a similar reaction to you after reading the first two. The third book, CAGEBIRD, I liked almost as well as WARCHILD. The POV character is totally angsty, but you’ll love him. And again, you get to see characters from the first two books through the eyes of a totally new character. That’s one of the keys to why this series intrigues me so much. Clever, clever writer.–Suzanne

3 thoughts on “Best Space Opera in a Long Time”

  1. I love these books! They ARE the best space opera I’ve read in a long time. I actually like Burndive the best, though. I think I enjoyed seeing the characters from the first book through the eyes of the new kid. And I liked the story more. I thought Warchild dragged just a bit in the middle. Cagebird, well, I liked it, but I didn’t think the main guy’s characterization quite rang true. He was really a torn up mess in the second book. I never felt that in Cagebird. – Jill

  2. Lowachee has in mind a total of eight books that take place in the WARCHILD universe, but the current project she’s working on does not take place there. She intends to write the WARCHILD stories, provided the publisher wants them. When, however, I don’t know.

    But her work is absolutely amazing. She’s a writer I’ll buy anything from, and that’s saying a lot.

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