New Book Covers, Thanks to Katherine

Thanks to Katherine for digging these up for me. This Patricia Briggs book cover is hot off the presses. Read more about BLOOD BOUND (Feb 2007) at Briggs’ site.

Blood Bound

This next cover is warm rather than hot, having been unveiled a few weeks ago. The book won’t be published until March 2007, according to Bishop’s site.


And these covers are downroad old, cold news, considering A FISTFUL OF CHARMS is already in stores. But, hey, maybe it’s not too late to wonder why Harrison’s publishing company is co-opting the look of Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden books? (Besides the obvious: the unattractiveness of the previous covers.)

A Fistful of Charms Firestorm

Note: You can find more info on A FISTFUL OF CHARMS at Harrison’s site. Visit Stormwatch for more info on FIRESTORM, which will hit the stories in September 2006.

As I keep digging through emails from the previous months, maybe I’ll find more great covers about which Katherine tipped me.

3 thoughts on “New Book Covers, Thanks to Katherine”

  1. I am really looking forward to Belladonna. I loved the unique relationships Bishop developed in the Black jewels triology…and Belladonna seems a bit like that, an incredidablly powerful but emotionally vulnerable and loveable female. not feminatzi…just super powerful and confident. and i love Briggs book, she always leaves her readers wanting more.

  2. Isoell, I’m not sure what you mean by “feminatzi.” Are you thinking of a particular character when you use that term? Because I’m not comprehending.

    I didn’t get very far into MOON CALLED and thought SEBASTIAN was OK, and have never read a Kim Harrison book, so the only one of the batch I’m truly looking forward to is FIRESTORM. I’m still loving the Weather Warden series as much as ever.

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